Goals – Based Wealth Management is a relatively new approach to investment management that emphasizes investing with the objective of attaining specific life goals.

Investment progress is measured in relation to the attainment of specific life goals, as opposed to comparing investments returns against an arbitrary market benchmark.

We all have financial goals that we want to achieve.

Our process at Cresta Advisors is to help our clients identify, set, and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

As individuals or families we might have multiple goals and multiple time horizons that will evolve over time as the goals are achieved or new goals are discovered.  Some examples of financial goals might include saving for a child’s education, achieve a desired retirement lifestyle, or establishing and maintaining a philanthropic initiative.

At Cresta Advisors, we help our clients identify and set their financial goals. Once the goals are established and the financial plan is in place, we invest your funds within our proprietary portfolio models that align with your targeted risk tolerance and financial goal. We will proactively monitor and review your investment portfolio to track progress towards your goals.

Adopting a Goals – Based Wealth Management approach to your financial future will help you better understand how changes in the financial markets impact you and your financial goals.

It will give us, as advisors, another tool to gauge your reaction to changing market conditions.  Goals – Based Wealth Management helps us navigate full market cycles to allow us to keep you on track with your financial goals.  It will help you have a better understanding of your relationship with your wealth and how changes in financial markets impact your goal progression.