When choosing a professional to manage your wealth it is important to recognize the distinction between an advisor and a broker and assess which relationship is right for you.

Registered Investment Advisors

Registered Investment Advisors, like Cresta Advisors, are held to the highest standard of care in the financial services industry.  We are entrusted by our clients with a fiduciary responsibility in the client-advisor relationship with regards to the service, advice, and products we might recommend.  This high standard of care seeks to minimize conflicts of interests between the advisor-client, and focuses on making sure that our clients’ interests always come first.

We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and every year we are required to disclose information regarding our business structure, personal records, as well as information on how we are compensated.

As advisors we are committed to establishing and maintaining enduring client relationships.  We believe that by being transparent in all aspects about our business, placing your interests first, and acting as a true fiduciary our existing relationships will strengthen and prospective relationships will value these benefits.

Brokers, or firms that function as both a broker and advisor, are not held to this highest level of care and transparency in regards to their client relationships.  This could potentially pose conflicts of interest with their client relationships.

It is important for you to consider and evaluate the benefits of working with a Registered Investment Advisor.  At Cresta Advisors, we strive to be the best advisor for you and your financial goals.  We value each client relationship and look forward to being your trusted advisor.